YouMatch… Let’s Get Personal

Ever since launching in December of last year, ipsy’s vision has been to help you discover the right products for you. We’re happy to announce that ipsy is getting personal! Starting in October, we’re launching YouMatch to customize your Glam Bag products.

Finding products that work for your personal style and beauty profile is important! With YouMatch, we pick your Glam Bag products based on your quiz results and your activity on Everything from your stated eye color to what Look you last “Loved” contributes to personalization. As we learn more about you, we’ll be getting even more personal, ensuring that every month you will get at least one item that best mirrors who you are.

For now, we are using your existing quiz data. In the future, we may allow members to retake the quiz or change their profile information to help improve your match.

So let us know what you think of YouMatch! Send suggestions and feedback to the team at ipsyCare, or leave us a note on our Facebook page to start a conversation. We always love to hear what you think and we constantly strive to bring you the best beauty experience we can possibly deliver!


Sparkle-Talk with Sarah, Founder of S.A.L.T.Y. Cosmetics

Inspired and impressed by S.A.L.T.Y. Cosmetics, we just had to to share their amazing story with our Glammies. So we debuted Glama-zoid, a made for myglam mineral eyeshadow in August’s Glam Bag. S.A.L.T.Y Founder Sarah Piccinini shows the world that following your beauty dreams is possible, as long as you have passion, the ambition, and great family and friends to help you through!

Going from a military career to the beauty industry was only natural for Sarah, “I always got into trouble for wearing glitter and makeup when I was in uniform.” With a lifelong fascination for color and beauty, Sarah turned her passion into a profession by attending beauty school after finishing her 10 year Army career. The beauty school at Heritage College in Kansas City, Missouri is where Sarah met her new friends and also the future co-founders.“One afternoon while trying to come up with a “clever” name to market our new business we realized that the first letter in each of our names spelled out SALTY! Sarah, Arnelle, Lacey, Tom and Yolanda…And S.A.L.T.Y. was born!” The innovative naming didn’t stop there, as many S.A.L.T.Y. products have laugh at loud names that can put a smile on any face. Inspired by everyday events, like her favorite movies or jokes from her kids, Sarah has created products with memorable titles such as“Lit Up Like A Sparkly Sparkle” and “Greyed Between The Lines.” Of course, her personal favorite is the shadow named after her son, “Sergio’s Eyes.”
Sarah believes that beauty is a “creative avenue to express.” Bringing this creative expression to life, Sarah’s specialty is creating custom eyeshadow colors for her customers based on their input and inspiration. “The process really puts imaginations to the test!” Sarah also urges the beauty of self-expression by telling others to “Just try it!…Start using it as a liner and work your way up.”
Sarah’s beauty adventure is just beginning. Follow her journey and see what bright and bold plans the future has in store for S.A.L.T.Y Cosmetics by heading to her website and liking the S.A.L.T.Y  facebook page! Coming up next are fun eyeliners and even more glitter-tastic creations! So, the future isn’t just bright for Sarah and her crew, it’s going to certainly sparkle and shine, too!

myglam at Cosmoprof

The myglam team just got back from Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas – an exclusive business-to-business beauty trade show that lets beauty industry individuals attend and network with other beauty brands and people all under one roof! Check out Nicole on our Brand Partnerships team, sporting her bags of swag, while working hard to scope out and discover new and interesting products for your future Glam Bags. There were so many brands to discover! What are the latest brands that YOU’VE discovered?

Behind the Scenes: How We Ship Your Glam Bag

Ever wonder how the team at myglam packs and ships out so many Glam Bags each month?

We certainly couldn’t do it without our amazing new operations team and distribution center in North Carolina. Yes, the buzz is true. We’ve driven cross-country and moved our shipping facility from California to North Carolina in order to better meet the needs of our rapidly growing Glammie community.

Fear not, your bags will continue to be shipped the same way – through a combination of UPS and USPS. But, starting with July’s Glam Bag, we’ve reversed shipping order and we now send out West Coast Glam Bags first and then East Coast bags. The goal is that all Glammies get their bags at approximately the same day each month. We have an entire team on the ground in NC dedicated to making sure bags get out on time and with only the best quality.

We’re excited for our Glammies to experience the new and improved system as myglam expands and advances. And of course, the myglam headquarters is still in California, so we haven’t given up our West Coast roots!

Welcome to The Pink Wall!

You’ve just “walked” right into The Pink Wall!

The official myglam blog about what goes on behind-the-scenes at the myglam HQ. Set here in the Bay Area, Glam Girls and Glam Guys will be posting a more intimate look of themselves and the myglam offices. It’s more than just makeup! Did you know that we have a ping pong table, an absurd amount of Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar chips, and a serious shoe obsession in the HQ, too?

Get to know us! We’ll be sharing fun and interesting tidbits of the myglam team, myglam news, and more, right here on our brand spanking new blog!